Franke Kegs

franke-logo-smallWhen only the best will do! For more than 100 years, Franke Blefa has been producing quality products that are proudly “Made in Germany”.
Since the company’s very beginning, Franke’s drive and commitment toward the highest quality standards have been unwavering. Premium quality ensures a secure long-term investment.

What you can expect from Franke:

  • Investment in automation and quality control systems that ensure the highest level of precision and process reliability.
  • Comprehensive support from first contact though delivery and continuing after sales support and service.
  • A secure investment in a product with a 30 year warranty.
  • Highly qualified technical and sales staff backed by the experience and commitment of proven market leader.

Contact Steve today for your personal Franke quote.

We offer 6 different sizes of Franke kegs.

Click on the keg size below to view a detailed drawing and specs:

Slim 20 L (click here for specs)

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Slim 30 L (click here for specs)

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Euro 50 L (click here for specs)

1/6 bbl (click here for specs)

1/4 bbl (click here for specs)

1/2 bbl (click here for specs)

We also offer custom silkscreening, so get in touch for a quote.

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Keg Tracking info

All FRANKE Blefa kegs from Canada Kegs come with a 2D matrix code both as a pressure sensitive sticker stuck onto the top of the keg, as well as laser etched into the top of the keg.


This scannable 2D matrix code relates to the serial number of your FRANKE Keg, and the serial number of the keg is also displayed again right underneath the laser etched code, as you can see in the photo above. This QR code can also be scanned with a mobile phone app such as that available from

In Canada, Kegshoe has a mobile phone App & Software package  that will allow you to scan this 2D matrix code as part of their keg-tacking software.

What does this mean ? No glued-on RFDs, or GPS devices.

Our FRANKE Blefa kegs from Canada Kegs come from the factory, ready to scan with the Kegshoe Software & App!

Improve your median keg cycle time by 50% and reduce your keg loss rate, check it out at